Thought Leaders & Speakers

Get an exclusive glimpse into the future of urban development with our international speakers, as they reveal groundbreaking concepts and
cutting-edge technologies that will elevate our cities to new heights of sustainability and resilience. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and moved to action as you embark on a journey of transformation with the world's foremost experts and leaders in Circular Economy and Sustainable Urban Development.

Dechen Tsering

Regional Director and Representative, UNEP Asia and the Pacific Office

Dr. Bruno Marques

president, ifla

Dr. Ing. Pietro Elisei

President, ISOCARP

Prof. Dr. Jose Vieira

President, WFEO

Guan Yisong

Head of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, China

Dr. Julian Kirchherr

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Dr. Sasa Bavec

Managing Director, Knauf Insulation

Dr. Manfred Koehler

president, World Green Infrastructure Network

Lee Ang Seng

Chairman, Singapore Green Building Council

Dalson Chung

President, Institute of Engineers Singapore

Ar. Tan Szue Hann

chairman of Sustainability, sia & head of sustainability, keppel land

Damian Tang

Chief Sustainability Officer, Uniseal Global

Julia Okatz

Director, National Resources and Urban Solutions, SYSTEMIQ

Esther An

Chief Sustainability officer, City Developments Limited

Djoko Prihanto

President, Singapore Institute of Planners

Dr. Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan

President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects

Dr. Ali Al Jassim

Chairman, Emirates Green Building Council

Sasa Bozic

Social Sustainability Consultant, Sophia Academy Founder, Author

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Thinkers & Panelists

Engage in dynamic discussions with our panelists, who are at the forefront of Circular Economy and Sustainable Urban Development.
Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and equipped with the knowledge to embark on your own journey towards sustainable cities.

John Doe

director, lhk

Maria Doe

manager, arwr

Philip Doe

partner, acr

Jane Doe

engineer, awtr

Jane Doe

architect, ykhl

Jane Doe

architect, lrt

Jane Doe

engineer, tyu

Jane Doe

manager, vrty

Jane Doe

partner, phyt

Jane Doe

director, awr