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The Landscape Architecture Network, established in May 2007, stands as a monumental and all-encompassing platform within the realm of landscape architecture. Over more than a decade of evolution, the website has amassed an impressive user base, exceeding one million active users, and it consistently garners an average daily page view count of around 300,000. For numerous years, it has held the top position in domestic industry rankings. In 2020, the website underwent a successful redesign, presenting its vast community of users with an entirely new interface.

Distinguishing itself from being solely focused on the garden industry, the Landscape Architecture Network has effectively integrated high-quality resources from both domestic and foreign industry associations, encompassing fields like planning, architecture, and environmental art. This integration allows the platform to offer valuable services not only to the industry but also to local areas. The network has been instrumental in the organization of various significant events, such as master competitions held at prominent garden expos in Beijing and Wuhan, as well as forums and design competitions in Hengshui, Hebei, and Xingtai. Additionally, it actively engages in urban development strategy consulting activities.

Looking ahead, the Landscape Architecture Network is committed to upholding its core service principles of "integrity, innovation, and development." Supported by a dynamic and proficient team, the platform is poised to continue delivering the highest quality services to a diverse range of customers. The future holds exciting prospects as it continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the landscape architecture field, both domestically and globally.

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