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NUS Cities represents a pioneering initiative within the National University of Singapore (NUS), embodying a university-wide, multi-disciplinary, open, and inclusive approach. This collaborative platform finds its home within the esteemed College of Design and Engineering (CDE). Its overarching mission is to cultivate a vibrant community dedicated to Education, Research, and Advisory Services, drawing expertise from a diverse ensemble of practitioners, academics, leaders, researchers, and students alike. At its heart, NUS Cities thrives on the synergy generated by this eclectic mix of perspectives and talents.

One of the key pillars of NUS Cities is its emphasis on collaboration. By forging partnerships with both local and international universities and institutions, the platform seeks to create a network of knowledge exchange that transcends geographical boundaries. This collaborative ethos is essential in addressing the complex challenges faced by cities in the 21st century. By tapping into a global pool of expertise, NUS Cities aims to develop innovative solutions and strategies that can be applied not only within the NUS community but also extend to benefit cities worldwide.

Within the College of Design and Engineering, NUS Cities serves as a hub for cutting-edge research and education. Its multi-disciplinary nature encourages the convergence of ideas from various fields, leading to the development of holistic approaches to urban issues. Students, as integral members of this community, have the opportunity to engage with real-world challenges, gaining valuable experiential learning while contributing to meaningful urban transformations.

Furthermore, the platform's inclusivity and openness promote diversity of thought and perspectives. It ensures that voices from all backgrounds and walks of life have a place at the table when discussing the future of cities. This inclusiveness fosters an environment where innovation flourishes and the potential for groundbreaking discoveries is maximized.

NUS Cities is more than just a collaborative platform; it represents a forward-looking commitment to advancing knowledge, solving urban challenges, and creating a global network of urban thinkers and doers. Within the inclusive and open environment of CDE, NUS Cities aspires to be a beacon of excellence in urban education, research, and advisory services, with its influence rippling far beyond the confines of the university campus.

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